The home world gems are attacking after the disappearance of peridot and jasper. who's side will you be on. earth or the home world gems.
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 what is a saga?

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PostSubject: what is a saga?   Fri May 15, 2015 2:55 pm

A saga here is a series that takes place after current steven universe episodes you've seen or it could possibly take place somewhere else possibly at the gem home world. This is also a good way to introduce characters you have created.


1)If you want to make a saga please notify an admin or moderator before you start.

2)If the saga is a self rp saga then please make sure to note that in the title of the saga

3)If you make a saga with others then please take turns.

4)if a saga has characters that are seperate then please use a transition for the seperated character(s)

5)Make sure not to use characters other people have, you can however talk about them or use them as back ground characters. For example (as the boy walked down the board walk he caught sight of a strange woman. She was uniquely tall and for some reason her hair was perfectly square. And her choice of clothing also raised his interest, for she wore red and black clothing but on the palms of her hands he caught sight of a gem in each." I have a feeling i don't want to fight her ."with that the boy leaves her and her cohorts)
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what is a saga?
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