The home world gems are attacking after the disappearance of peridot and jasper. who's side will you be on. earth or the home world gems.
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 daniel drake

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Gem fusions

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PostSubject: daniel drake   Wed Apr 01, 2015 2:39 pm

Name:Daniel Drake



Appearance:Daniel drake is 5feet,6inches tall,under the patch of hair covering his left eye is an eye patch. he actually has a cybernetic eye underneath the eye patch that can use thermal detection,x-ray,night vision,infared, and it can scan his opponents weaknesses and openings, the white ribs to his sides are actually self replicating nanobots.

History:daniel drake left his universe due to the government ruining the whole world and the military trying to force him to make advanced weaponry for them. he created a device called the PUGS(parallel universe gateway system.)he is very shy around any female beings and will stiffen up and begin to stutter while talking, after getting used to the female beings presence he will return to his normal stature and begin to talk fluently once again. in battle he uses the ribs on his suit to help keep his enemy at bay while he records data on his opponent. he can also use the ribs to pin down the foe so he can get better data on them. his suits right sleeve contains a device that projects a holographic computer which contains all the data he has ever recorded, not only that but it also can datatize an object and store it in a vast area in his holographic computer mainframe or he can dedatatize an object. His clawed gloves are able to absorb any form of energy and convert it into electricity or he can use them as weapons when he fights.

weaponsdaniels weapons mostly consist of his bladed gloves and nanobot ribs, but he has a vast collection of weapons that are datatized and he will dedatatize them when he feels the need arises. His favorite weapon is a dark matter scyth,the more negative energy the stronger and lighter the scyth becomes.


misc:when fighting daniel will not remove his hair and eyepatch from his left eye unless his foe is truly powerful, not only that when he moves in battle he is very swift and agile and can barely be seen by the naked eye, when revealed his left eye gives a light blue glow and that will be the only thing to be seen for he tilts his head downward to have the shadows cover his entire face.(think of how a vampire moves when fighting).
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daniel drake
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