The home world gems are attacking after the disappearance of peridot and jasper. who's side will you be on. earth or the home world gems.
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 rping rules

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Gem fusions

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PostSubject: rping rules   Tue Mar 31, 2015 12:23 pm

1.)no godmodding

2.)don't control other people's characters

3.)when doing an attack you must describe how the attack is happening then wait for the other person's response on whether your attack hit's or not and the same goes for the other person that is fighting but you can grab a hold of your opponents weapons if available. But if you do you must end it there for the person to react to the grabbed weapon.
(example:Pearl's post/ Pearl draws her spear from her gem to begin her attack on the monstrous gem before her and begins to slash at the monster.
Monstergem/ The monstergem begins to evade the oncoming attacks with ease and as it evades the next strike it grabs pearls spear.

pearl's post/ after the sudden halt of her spear pearl notices the monster had hold of her spear so she let go and formed a spear in each hand and began throwing them at the monster.)

3.)if you have on of the main characters like pearl,amythyst,steven,garnet,connie, or greg universe they can't swear, any sign of having one of these characters swear will result in the post being deleted.
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rping rules
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